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 NAKAO SR Office , a certified social insurance and labour consultant, supports your business in
 Japan and contribute to it's success as a specialist in human resources, your most important corporate
 assets. based on 40year's business and management experiences.

 A certified social insurance and labour connsultant is a unique licensed professional consultant in Japan
 specialising in labour laws, social security programs and human resources management. The system was
 established by law No.89 in 1968, administrated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

 NAKAO SR Office services the following enabling you to spend more time engaged in
 directly related to your core business activities.

 *Your Agent on Procedures for Social Insurance and Employment Laws
 *Your Consultant on Personnel Management and Employment Laws of Your Business
About us
Certified Social Insurance & Labour Consultant
Representative of NAKAO SR OFFICE
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration of Kobe University
Member:Certified Social Insurance and Labour Consultant
      Japan Register No.13060367
Member:Certified Social Insurance and Labour Consultant
      Tokyo Register No.1315809
Affliated Financial Planner License No.50167701
Experienced international business for over 40years since 1966 as the Managing Director andOperating Director of Zeniya Aluminium Engineering.,Ltd., Zeni Lite Buoy Co.,Ltd., Buoy Consultant Co.,Ltd. ,Zeni LIte International Co., Ltd.and Zeniya Aluminiumu Industry.Co.,Ltd.
Visited over 100 countries since 1969 such as USA,UK,France,Germany,Singapore and Indonesia etc.
and attended IALA(International Association of Lighthouse Authority)
Conference of Ottawa1975,Tokyo 1980,Briton 1985, Velthoben 1989,Honolulu 1994,
Hamburg 1998 and Shanghai 2006.
Publications(in Japanese):
A sparkling lighthouse for operating the small and medium sized enterprises in Japan
A new life plan after 60years old
For more efficient business management
Certified Social Insurance and Labour Consultant
As Human Resources Specialists
NAKAO SR Office Services:
 ●Labour Laws
  Employment Contract
  Company Rules
  Safety and Health
 Social Security
  Filling on Insurance Premiums
  Claiming Benefits
 Human Resources
  Education and Training
  Compensation System
  Emploee Benefits
 Other Fields
  Alternative Dispute Resolution
  Defined Contribution Pension Plan
  Defined Benefit Pension Plan
  Labour Cost Management
To contact:
Masahide NAKAO
Certified Social Insurance & Labour Consultant
URL: http://www.nakao-sr.com/
The Certified Social Insurance and Labour Consultants are strictly prohibited from disclosing client's any
information under law.
Please feel free to consult with us, as we have a duly to maintain client's information as confidential.
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On this web site, we have made every attempt to provide accurate and updated information,but NAKAO SR Office is not responsible for any damages or losses, directly or indirectly, caused as a result of your use of this information.
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